Text Box: ‘ Tosca  De  L’Ambassadeur  Des  Belges   17/2/16  
Int Champion  L’Evangelist De La Terre Sauvage x  Ch Invisible Touch Du Bois Du Tot
Hip score 4:4

8/7/17 Tosca wins her first Res CC Gaining her KC Stud Book no. and qualifying for Crufts for life !

Tosca has joined Jetaime from Hungary. She was bred by Renata just outside Budapest from  the ‘Ambassadeur Des Belges’ affix.  Her mother and father both are lovely dogs with great temperaments and good lines behind them.   We are hoping Tosca will follow in their footsteps and look forward to watching her grow. Tosca will have a litter early 2019.


E of England Ch Show July 2107

“ Beautiful head and expression, small ears well set and used, nice dark eye with good shape and obliquely set. Lovely body shape with good topline and underline and croup. Correct bone moved and showed well. Res Bitch CC”  Judge  :  Lorna England

3 Counties Ch Show June 2017

“15 month old female in typical junior stage of development, very square in body, good length of neck, very good bone but still feminine, good length of head with flat skull, good volume of muzzle, parallels are good, enough chiselling, nice dark eye, well shaped giving a lovely expression, ears set high, moved very well around the ring, just needs to mature now.”   Judge  :  Babs Robinson.

Boston Ch Show Jan 2017

“Tosca De L'Ambassadeur Des Belges. Pretty baby, most beautifully feminine, long head with good parallel head planes,  darkest of eyes, ears well set and used well, tight lips, beautifully chiselled head, lovely body shape with good croup, well set tail, most delightful character, so full of confidence, just needs to fill out and im sure will be one to watch for the future BB &BPB.”  Judge  :  Lyn Church

E Kent Feb 2017

“Smart looking bitch with finely chiselled head, dark eye and correct dentition. Good spring of rib and very graceful on the move. Best Puppy.” Judge : D Dence

 Kent CS Nov 2016

“Very nice young Groenendael of quality, lovely square outline, head already showing much chiselling, high set, well placed ears, lovely eye shape, firm neck and well placed shoulders, tight elbows, strong rear, already showing a wealth of coat, attentive and alert, moved and showed well, Best Puppy, such a shame she was unable to stay for the group.” Judge : Lyn Church.

Driffield Ch Show Sept 2016

“What a little cracker, loved her size, shape, balance all correct for age, very pretty head & expression, on the move was surprisingly positive for such a baby with already good drive, nice reach & brisk profile stride. BP. “  Judge  :  C Chapman

S Wales Ch Show Oct 2016

“ 7 months old fully enjoying her day out (which is as it should be) so full of energy. Nice clean head, good overall body shape, She stands OK, nice & even o the move. BP. “  Judge  :  J Bisham

WKC Ch Show Aug 2016

6 mths old baby, attractive head, lovely dark eyes, good dentition,  sweet expression, nice long neck giving way to a good body shape, moved so well for one so young, will watch with interest.”  Judge  :  J Caden


Aug 2017

Paignton Ch Show

1st JB

S Pollock-Yule

Aug 2017

BSDA Ch Show

1st JB / Excellent

Mdme Varlet

July 2017

Kingston CS

1st J / BOB

M Van der Heijden

July 2017


1st JB

M Pratten

July 2017

E of England Ch

1st JB / Res CC

L England

June 2017

3 Counties Ch

1st JB

Babs Robinson

June 2017

S Counties Ch

1st JB / Res BOB

Sigfried Peter

May 2017

Bath Ch

1st JB

K Morris

Feb 2017

E Kent


D Dence

Jan 2017


1st JD/B, BP AVNSC / PG1

J Gunn

Jan 2017

Manchester Ch

1st PB / BPB

B King

Jan 2017

Boston Ch


L Church

Dec 2016


1st PB / BPB / BPIB

J Ralph

Nov 2016



M Sargent

Nov 2016


1st AVNSC / BPIB / PG2

P Jolley

Nov 2016

E Kent


L Church

Oct 2016

S Wales Ch

1st MPB / BPB / BPIB

J Bisham

Sept 2016


1st PB / BPB / BPIB

H Bull

Sept 2016

Driffield Ch

1st MPB / BPB / BPIB

C Chapman

Aug 2016


1st MPB

J Caden