Text Box:   JETAIME   NEVADA   ‘ONYX’  born 8th May 2019  Hip Score 3:6


‘Gus’ Ch Xanova Storm Sky Raven At Swalehall.

Hip Score 4:4


Tosca de L’Ambassadeur des Belges

Hip Score 4:4


Onyx lives with Christina and Pierre and their 4 children in Brighton. Onyx is a very lovely dog both temperament and looks, he has settled in nicely with the family and is loved to bits. 


We are hoping that Onyx will show off his good looks one day in the show ring and also try his paws at a bit of agility.

Pedigree of  Jetaime Nevada




Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall



Ch Jeu de Vie de la Terre Sauvage


Toby Comme un Reve Noir


Voila de la Terre Sauvage



Black Ruby Rose Van de Lamar


s.r. Victory de Condivicnum


Ch Xanova Mist Walker




Tosca D’Ambassadeur Des Belges



Ch Evangelist de la Terre sauvage


Ch Csalafinta Csahos Kyle


Ch Dilare de la Terre Sauvage



Ch Invisible Touch du Bois du Tot


Ch Ian de Bruine Buck


s.r. Bling Bling du Bois du Tot