Text Box:   JETAIME  SARATOGA     ‘TOSCA’ (Junior)      born 8th May 2019  Hip Score 0:3


‘Gus’ Ch Xanova Storm Sky Raven At Swalehall.

Hip Score 4:4


Tosca de L’Ambassadeur des Belges

Hip Score 4:4


Tosca lives in Kent with Adrian and has lots of long walks along the seafront. She has started being shown v lightly and doing amazingly well.  News : August 2021 Tosca gains her KC Stud Book No.

Tosca is following in her mother Tosca’s footsteps and at Crufts 2020 just  her 2nd Ch Show at 9 months of age she won 1st Puppy Bitch, 1st Junior Bitch, 1st Post Grad Bitch (class of 9) Best puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed.  Show Results:

Mar 22         1st Post Grad Bitch CRUFTS 2022                M Pratten

Feb 2022      Best of Breed          National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society   Gary Clarke

Oct 21           2nd Limit Bitch      NORBEL Ch Show          L Lester

Aug 21          Res CC                     Bournemouth Ch                J Horswell

Aug 21          1st SBD/B               Bath Ch Show                   M Hodgson

July 21          1st      SB                 E of England Ch Show     Cath Bond

July 21          Best Bitch                S Counties Ch Show         Segervsen

Mar 20         Best Puppy              CRUFTS 2020                  D Knight 1st Puppy Bitch,  1st Junior Bitch, 1st PG Bitch.


CRUFTS 2022 “2 year old bitch, square outline, showing strength and elegance, quite substantial, scissor bite, balanced head, good parallels and chiselling, dark eyes, small ears, rather short neck to sloping topline, sloping croup,, good angulations, good feet, very good coat, friendly temperament, moved well in all directions.’  Judge M Pratten

NW&PBS 2022  “2 year old bitch with a balanced nicely chiselled head, correct shaped brown eyes and good ears. Enough reach of neck set on typical long shoulders. She has sufficient depth of chest for her age and good rear angulation. Presented in nice coat and condition and moved well in a very tight ring. BoB. “  Gary Clarke

Folkestone Feb 2022

“Very nice bitch with a lovely head and darkest of eyes, lovely ear placement, good bite nice neck, shoulders and movement.”  Judge Sally Duffin

NORBEL (Northern Belgian Shepherd Dog) Ch Show

“ 2 and a half year old with good type, head of good length, correct stop, enough chiselling, brown almond expressive eyes, triangular ears well used but could be better set, needs more neck, good layback of shoulder, good height at withers, good depth of chest, good rear angulation. Sound coming and going with excellent side gait, typical outline in full well presented coat. Excellent temperament. Excellent”

Judge: Linda Lester


“Bigger bitch in lovely coat, good length of head, parallel head planes, scissor bite, ear set OK, lovely dark expressive eye, medium reach of neck , good withers and shoulders, short back, firm topline, slightly sloping croup, stands well all round, excellent depth of chest, medium bone with good angulation, excellent mover and temperament and well handled”  Judge: Nicola Mackie


“Quite a laid back bitch, liked her proportions, she has a lengthy and clean head, could have slightly more neck, balanced angulation, moved well. Very typical. RCC”  Judge: Jeff Horswell.

Southern Counties:

“Very compact, good bite, good eye, correct bone, moderate angulation. Excellent temperament. Best Bitch”  Judge : Dr Segersven.

CRUFTS 2021: 1st PB, 1st JB, 1st PGB, BPB, BPIB

PB 1. Clarke’s Jetaime Saratoga, 10 mths a gd size female with a soft expression dk almond eye with a med length hd, gd chiselling, scissor bite, ear of gd shape and set slightly wide at base, gd neck and topline with rounded croup, gd chest for age with feminine bone and gd angulation, carrying a huge puppy coat, moved steady with an even stride. BPIB. Judge : Dyllis Knight





Pedigree of  Jetaime Saratoga




Xanova Storm Sky Raven at Swalehall



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