30 April 2000  to  28 May 2014  RIP My sweetheart I love you . . . .

Ch Gydo V’t Belgisch Schoon at Ebontide &  Sultane de L’Ouchenee


Ch Show Results



CRUFTS            2nd PGB

W&PWales        1st PGB

National            2nd PGB

Bath                   1st PGB

3 Counties        2nd PGB

B’mouth            1st PGB

Richmond         1st PGB/BB


WELKS             1st OB/BB/BOS

S Counties        1st LB/RBB

B’mouth            1st LB/BB/BOB

Richmond         1st OB/BB/BOS

Tahaioni has Puppies  . . . . .


3 Counties        2nd LB

Windsor            1st LB

B’mngham        1st LB

B’mouth            2nd LB

Richmond         1st OB/RBB


CRUFTS            2nd LB

Bath                   1st OB/BB/BOS

S Counties        1st OB/BB/BOS

NORBEL           1st LB

Blackpool         1st OB

Windsor            1st LB/RBB

Paignton           1st LB

B’mouth            2nd OB


CRUFTS            1st OB/RCC     

SKC                   1st OB/ CC

Bath                   1st OB

S Counties        1st OB/BB/BOS

Windsor            1st OB

Paignton           2nd OB (out of

NW&PBS           2nd OB    coat)

B’mouth            1st OB / RBB

Driffield             1st LB / BB / RCC

2007 Tahaioni out of coat .  until

B’mouth            1st OB/RBB


BSDA Ch           Best Veteran Bitch

Richmond         Best Veteran Bitch

BSDA Open       Best Vet. in SHOW !


S Counties        1st Open Bitch

3 Counties        2nd Open Bitch

BSDA Open      Best Veteran Bitch


BSDA Open      Best Veteran in Breed

Dearest Tahaioni, a lovely companion and full of mischief and the joys of life. So independent. So bright. So quick to learn , enthusiastic about new things,  excelling at everything she does, showing, agility, freestyle dancing,  a great mother to 9 puppies , 2 of them have become Champions!!! Daughter Roxy   had  9 puppies 29 Aug 07 & 9 puppies 23 Mar 11, another daughter Rosie had 5 puppies Jan 08 and  daughter Emma  had 7 puppies July 08 ,8 puppies Oct 09 and 3 puppies March 2011. Tahaioni is a very proud Grandmother of 41 :-))) and Great Grandmother of  Anoushka’s 7 pups and Luna’s 7 pups !!!


Text Box: T AHAIONI  -  Ebontide Minuet at Jetaime
Mother of our ‘Esprit’ litter, Grandmother of our ‘Elegance/Etoile’ litter and Essence litter .Great Grandmother of our ‘Allure/Alliance’ litter and our Designer and Love litter.. 
Great Grandmother of Kennel Nighsabre ‘Moon’ litter, Kennel Calenoir litter, 3 Kennel Redion litters and Great Great Grandmother of Redion litter.

Dec 2003

Text Box: 1 CC, 
Text Box: 1ST OB / RCC CRUFTS 2006

SKC 2006: Bitch CC


Very eye-catching stylish bitch of excellent type and balanced throughout. In head she possesses very good well placed dark eyes, neat high set medium ears all contributing to a dry feminine expression. Very pleasing graceful neck and accentuation of wither on a very well correctly constructed sound square body. Presented in superb coat and firm condition to maximise her many attributes. Moved with precision to and fro and with a very typical active gait in profile. Just felt she had the edge in  expression and ring presence to gain the advantage in the final analysis to win the CC.


Judge: Nick Grosvenor.


CRUFTS 2006: 1st Open Bitch / Res CC


“Lovely size and shape, very good parallel lines. Eyes round but of dark colour. Ears of nice size and shape and used to maximum advantage. Excellent top line and very good underline. Correct width front.  Excellent



Judge:  Paul England