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CRUFTS 2022  Tosca Jnr 1st PGB, Echo 3rd Open Dog, Vista Res PGD

CRUFTS March 2020 Tosca Jnr  1st Puppy bitch, 1st Junior Bitch. 1st Post Grad Bitch,

Best Puppy Bitch  & Best Puppy in Breed

Vista 1st Puppy Dog and Best Puppy Dog

Jan 2020 Boston Ch Show : Vista Best Puppy In Breed / Qualifies for Crufts 2020

Dec 2019 LKA Ch Show: Georgia BPIB, Chilli 1st Puppy Bitch, Tosca jnr 2nd Puppy Bitch, all Qualify for Crufts 2020

June 2019 Spirit Best Dog Blackpool Ch Show

May 8th 2019  Tosca has 10 puppies !!!

May 2019 Spirit wins the Res CC at The National at nearly 12 years of age


Janneka wins 1st in a very strong class Veteran Bitch

Roxy wins 2nd Post Grad in a class of 9

Kara wins 1st GC Class

Echo wins VHC in Limit and he’s just out of Junior


Jan 2019 Anoushka Res Best Bitch Boston Ch Show (aged 11.5 years old!)

Nov 2018 Roxy Res Best Bitch at W&PBS Ch Show

Oct 2018 Spirit Best Dog at Midland Counties Ch Show

Sept 2018 Kara Res CC at Driffield Ch Show

Sept 2018 Spirit Best Dog at Darlington Ch Show

July 2018 Spirit Best of Breed Leeds Ch Show

July 2018 Jet Res Best Dog Leeds Ch Show

July 2018 Echo BOB, Group2, Jersey RCC, Best Junior Group, Best Yearling Group Jersey KC Ch Show

June 2018 Echo BOB,  CC, Group 1, 4th Best in Show at Jersey KC Ch Show

June 2018 Pepper Best Bitch, Best of Breed at S Counties Ch Show

Anoushka Res BB / BV at S Counties Ch Show

May 2018 Pepper BP, RBOB, PG1 and Res Best Puppy in Show at Lichfield Show

May 2018 Spirit RCC The National Ch Show

Pepper Best Puppy Bitch at The National Ch Show

Echo Best Puppy in Breed at The National Ch Show

Pepper Best Puppy Bitch at The National Ch Show

Apr 2018 Pepper Best Puppy and Best of Breed at W&PBW Ch Show

Apr 2018 Echo BPIB, BOB, Puppy Group 1, 4th Best Puppy in Show

Feb 2018 Echo BOB, G1, Best Puppy in Show and 4th BIS at Guernsey kennel Club Show

Jan 2018 Anoushka  BB / BOB and brother Spirit BD  Manchester Ch Show

Dec 2017 Pepper BPIB LKA Ch Show at just 6 months !

Nov 2017 Jess awarded KC Platinum Agility Warrant !!!!

October 2017 Spirit BD / B.O.B. W&PBS Ch Show

October 2017 Spirit Best Dog Mid Counties Ch Show

Sept 2017 Spirit BD / BOB  Darlington Ch Show

Sept 2017 Janneka BB / BOB Richmond Ch Show

Aug 2017 Spirit RCC SKC Ch Show

July 2017 Spirit BD  Leeds Ch Show

July 2017 Tosca Res CC.  E of England Ch Show

July 2017 Anoushka Best Bitch Windsor Ch Show

June 2017 Spirit Best Dog Blackpool Ch Show

Tosca wins Puppy Group 1 Bucks Jan 2017

Spirit BD / B.O.B. Manchester Ch Show 2017

Tosca Best Bitch / BPB Boston Ch Show 2017

Tosca BPIB LKA Ch Show 2016

Tosca wins Puppy Group 1 & Group 3 Reading Nov 2016

Tosca wins Puppy Group 2 Camberley Nov 2016

Spirit BD / B.O.B.  Nat Work & Pas Breeds of Scot Ch Show 2016

Kara  RBB NW&PBS  Ch Show 2016

Spirit BD/ B.O.B.  Midland Counties Ch Show 2016

Savannah RBB  BSDA of GB Show Oct 2016

Savannah R.C.C. Driffield Ch Show 2016

Savannah RBB Richmond Ch Show 2016

Spirit R.C.C. Birmingham Ch Show 2016

Savannah R.C.C.  WKC Ch Show 2016

Spirit BD / B.O.B Leeds Ch Show 2016

Kara Res BB Leeds Ch Show 2016

Savannah R.C.C  NW&PBS Ch Show July 2016

Spirit BD / B.O.B. Blackpool Ch Show 2016

Kara BB Blackpool Ch Show 2016

Janneka Res C.C. NORBEL Ch Show 2016

Spirit Res C.C.  SKC Ch Show 2106

Spirit BEST of BREED CRUFTS 2016