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Roxy’s   daughter ‘Jetaime Anoushka a Elegance’ has 1 CC & 6 Res CC’s. She is a mother of 7 beautiful puppies.

Roxy’s son Spirit

’Ch. Jetaime Etoile Du Futur’  now has 12 ’CC’s 11 Res CC’s and Group 2 (Ch Show)  has ShCM and is a UK Champion!!!

Roxy’s daughter  ‘ Ch. Jetaime Elegance De Luna’  CC / Best of Breed Crufts 2009 & 2010 & CC  at 3 Counties 2009  making her a UK Champion !!!! Mother of 10

Roxy’s sister Emma ‘Int Ch. Jetaime Esprit Du Futur’   is  an

International Champion !!!!

Mother of 22 incl many Int Champions !

Roxy’s son Rio ‘ Jetaime Essence Du Futur wins his first CC at just a year old. Gaining his KC Stud Book number.

Roxy ‘Champion Jetaime Esprit D’Elegance’ has 5 CC’s  & 13 Res CC’s !!! Mother of 18 incl. Anoushka, Spirit and Luna, incl 2 champions !!!!



Roxy’s Daughter Savannah  ‘Jetaime Essence D’Elegance’  5 Res CC’s .

Puppy plans

Updated 21/3/17


Roxy’s daughter  Kara ‘Ch Jetaime Essence de Parfait’ has won 3 CC’s and 4 Res CC’s.

2015 Kara had a beautiful litter of 6 puppies

Roxy’s grand daughter (Anoushka’s daughter ) Delphe has won 2 CC’s & 1 RCC

Roxy’s son Michigan has Res CC & his KC Stud Book no.

Roxy’s grand daughter (Anoushka’s daughter ) Janneka has 1 CC & 3 Res CC’s  & her KC stud book no.

Roxy’s daughter  Cilla has been on the stage, TV and is a show / agility dog


Spirit:               BD / B.O.B. W&PBS Ch Show

Spirit:               BD / B.O.B. Midland Counties Ch Show

Savannah:         RBB BSDA of GB Oct Show

Savannah:         R.C.C.  Driffield Ch Show

Savannah:         RBB  Richmond Ch Show

Spirit:                R.C.C.  Birmingham Ch Show

Savannah:         R.C.C. W.K.C. Ch Show

Spirit:                BD  /  B.O.B.  Leeds Ch Show

Kara                  RBB Leeds Ch Show

Savannah           R.C.C.  NW&PBS Ch Show                                  

Spirit:                BD / BOB  Blackpool Ch Show

Kara:                 BB Blackpool Ch Show                                               

Janneka             R.C.C. Norbel Ch Show

Anoushka         1st VB / Best Veteran Bitch Norbel Ch Show

Spirit:               Res CC  SKC Ch Show


Jess:                 Wins out of Grade 6 into Grade 7 Agility !!!!



Jess  :               Qualifies for the BSD World Agility Ch France May 2106

Spirit  :            BEST DOG   Midland Counties Ch Show

Savvy:             RBB  Midland Counties Ch Show

Michigan  :     Res BEST DOG   Northern BSD Show

Jess :               Moves up to Group 6 !!!! Agility                              

Savvy:            RBB   BSDA of GB  Open Show

Spirit  :           RCC  Driffield Ch Show

Savannah :     RBB   Richmond Ch Show

Anoushka:     BB / BEST OF BREED  Richmond Ch Show

Spirit  :          GROUP 3 Wolvingham CS

Savannah :     RCC  Birmingham Ch Show

Spirit:            RCC  Birmingham Ch Show                                      

Spirit:            CC   and   BEST OF BREED /  GROUP 3   SKC Ch Show

Spiirit:           CC  and    BEST OF BREED   WKC Ch Show

Janneka:        RCC  WKC Ch Show

Anoushka:     RCC  Bournemouth Ch Show

Spirit :           BEST OF BREED  Leeds Ch Show                            

Spirit :           CC and BEST OF BREED  E of England Ch Show

Janneka:        CC  E of England Ch Show

Anoushka:    RCC  E of England Ch Show

Savvy:          Best Bitch   Windsor Championship Show

Spirit:           Best Dog   Blackpool Ch Show

Rio:              Res Best Dog   Blackpool Ch Show

Jess  :          Wins 3rd place Lge Novice Agility CRUFTS 2015 !!!!

Savvy :        Res Best Bitch   Boston Ch Show