Text Box: ‘JET’    Jetaime Fastlove
One Last Dance av Vikholmen  x  Ch Jetaime Essence de Parfait
23 rd May 2017                
Reserved: E MAIL

Jet  lives with Ruth and her family in Yorkshire. Like his Mum he is maturely slowly but very nicely indeed.







Leeds Ch Show July 2018. 1st Junior Dog / Res Best Dog



14 months old. A tad weary but soon settled in weather conditions on the day wet and really windy. Medium size and with good overall bone for size and age. Lovely dark almond eye with good pigment. Skull and muzzle developing well and with desired taper with good dentition and well fitting flews . Alert ear usage, ample reach of neck onto well fitting shoulders and elbows. Height to length ratios balanced croup and tail set. Moved well with positive actions. Jacket with medium harsh quality. Res Best Dog.’



Judge:  Allyson King