Text Box: ‘ECHO’    Jetaime Higher Love
One Last Dance av Vikholmen  x  Ch Jetaime Essence de Parfait
23 rd May 2017       Hips 2:3         
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Echo  lives with Bettina and her family in Guernsey. He  is a wonderful ambassador for the breed. Echo  has been taking the show scene by storm . . Winning a Best Puppy in Show at the Guernsey Kennel Club Show and adult Group 1 and 4th Best in Show as a puppy !  Echo has also started obedience where he is also showing a great talent


July 2019 NW&PBS Ch Show 2nd Limit Dog

June 2019 Windsor Ch Show 2nd Limit Dog

May 2019 The National 2nd Limit Dog

March 2019 VHC Crufts

Feb 2019 Geurnsey KC Members Show BOB, BYIS

Dec 2018 Guernsey KC BOB

Aug 2018  Paignton Ch Show 1st Junior

Aug 2018 NORBEL Ch Show 2nd Junior, 1st Yearling ‘Excellent’ Grade

Aug 2018  BSDA of GB Ch Show 2nd Yearling ‘Excellent’ Grade

July 2018 BOB, Group 2, Jersey RCC, Best Junior Group, Best Yearling Group Jersey KC Ch Show
June 2018 BOB, Group 1, 4th Res BEST in SHOW Jersey KC Ch Show

May 2018 1st PGD Bath Ch Show

May 2018 BP and BOB Guernsey KC

May  2018 Best Puppy in Breed at The National Ch Show

Apr 07 1st Puppy, Junior, Novice and BOB , PG 1 and 4th Best Puppy in Show at the Jersey KC Show!!!


Guernsey KC Feb 2019 Best Yearling in Show

“Best Yearling in Show. Well presented, profuse black coat. Beautiful head, dark eyes, small triangular ears, which he used well. Good depth of brisket. Well ribbed back. Good bone and tight feet. Moved with a lovely brisk, free, even movement" Rachel Wray

1 and BOB G2 Yabsley’s Jetaime Higher Love**, such a beautifully presented 20 mth d of superb temperament, blunt wedge head with muzzle of medium length, dark bright eyes, high set and well used ears, stands on well boned legs and strong patterns, body almost square with a deep chest and well-muscled quarters, a free and brisk mover, liked him very much. Was thrilled to see him win Best Yearling In Show under Rachel Wray. ‘ Mrs Bodle

Guernsey KC Dec 2018

‘17 mth. dog. Well proportioned with alert expression. Strong masculine head, finely chiselled and in balance with body. Skull and muzzle of similar lengths. Moderate stop. Dark medium sized eyes. Erect ears set high. Strongly pigmented mouth with scissor bite and good dentition. Well muscled clean neck with slight arch. Good forequarters with distinct withers and long shoulder blades. Straight long forelegs. Chest deep with ribs moderately sprung. Straight in back with slight slope to rump. Well muscled hindquarters with good angulation. Brisk even movement. BOB. ‘   Judge B Blunden

Jersey Ch Show July 18 1st LD, BOB Group 2,

“ Excellent head with good eye. Correct neck and front and rear construction.  Excellent balance all round. Moved very well. Just needs a little more ring confidence.” Judge :  Robin Newhouse.

 Jersey Spring Ch Show

“ 12 months dog. What a future star. So impressive, excellent head and expression with correct construction throughout. In superb order with an excellent coat. His movement is sound but he does need to be moved out to fulfil his full potential. Best of Breed. Group 1.”  Judge : Meg Purnell-Carpenter.

Birmingham Ch Show May 2018 1st PD, 1st JD, BPD , BPIB

“Compact head, parallel planes, well chiselled under eye, well pigmented with dark eye. He has round; tight feet, profuse coat for age, presented in very clean condition. He is moderately angulated, with equal length in shoulder and upper arm, balanced angulation front and rear. Lovely deep broad chest with a very square appearance, movement was a pleasure to watch, smooth and continuous effortless. When you look at this dog he has the most typical Belgian outline, very alert and workman like, approachable and of good character “  Judge : Bob Rushton

Guernsey Kennel Club Show March 2018. Best Puppy in Show !

Wonderful critique of Echo at 9 months old !

" Yabsley’s Jetaime Higher Love D BP BOB WOW my notes say. Stunning youngster should have an excellent career. Superb silhouette on the Stand and did not disappoint on handling. Head is finely chiselled with skull of medium width to balance. Eye of nice almond shape and dark giving an alert look. Good scissor bite and jaw strength. Neck fits into well placed shoulders and well boned front legs and desired amount of pastern. Chest is developing well for depth and width, rump has correct shape and tail-set thighs are well muscled and sound parallel hocks, his movement is a sheer joy to watch, free balanced and ground covering. Loved him, BP BOB So pleased to see him take Best Puppy in Show, and Winner of the B. C. Watson Final and 4th Best in Show Overall. One I shall watch with interest." Judge: Ms A King (Allyking) Best in Show Judge Mr D Howarth (Moorbrook).

Guernsey KC Ch Show May 2018

“This young dog has a deal of confidence and is a pleasure to go over, skull shape developing well, flat and with a length of muzzle correct for his age. Ears carried correct, neck of good length and well laid back shoulders. Powerful rear assembly with well placed hocks and tight feet. Sound throughout. Excellent coat and condition. BP and BOB”  Judge : Margaret Bunce



Jersey KC Ch Show BOB. BPIB, Puppy Group 1 and 4th Best Puppy in Show April 2018


Guernsey KC 20 May 18

Guernsey Kennel Club March 2018